3 Biggest Lies Being Told About Network Marketing Sales

ime and time again, when people are introduced to network marketing sales, they are told that this business is not about sales, but it’s about something else. The harsh reality is that in MLM you have to make sales in order to make money, just like in any other business. Below I’ll reveal three of the top lies being told, and the truth behind them.

1. “Its not selling, its sharing”. The real truth is that in network marketing sales, as with any business, at its most basic level is about an exchange of value, in this case money for a product or business opportunity. The whole sharing mentality is often told to new MLMers who have a great fear of doing actual selling.

The sharing technique is really just one person relying on the relationships that they have with friends and family, and the trust they have built up with them. They use this as a point of leverage to grow their business and sell their MLM product or opportunity.

2. “We are not in sales, we are into educating people on making better choices”. Educational marketing is a fairly well known technique in the sales and marketing industry, and in network marketing sales as well.

A great example of this can be witnessed at home depot. One of the things that many people love about home depot is that they hold classes and seminars on how to conduct home repairs and projects. This educational marketing at its best.

They bring in a targeted audience who want to learn something, they teach them that one thing, and then get the sale in a very easy way.

You can see this technique applied many times in network marketing sales with educational sessions, webinars, conference calls. All aimed at educating people which makes the sale easier.

3. “The product sells itself”. Products don’t sell or market themselves, people sell products, plain and simple. Try this as an exercise to illustrate this point. Buy a big box of the latest wiz bang juice, top of the line, best in the world.

Now, sit the box of juice in your driveway.

Does the product magically jump up and sell itself? No, real people getting in front of targeted prospects and explaining the benefits of a product or business is what makes the sale, not the product itself.

I hope that discussing some of the points in network marketing sales clears up what this business is really about. Just like any other business, a sale needs to happen in order for profit to be made.

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